Timeless values, beauty and a new way of life: that’s what we stand for!

The success story began in 2008 when Andrea and Pascal Lexut founded Good Feeling Products.

It started with a vision and only one product: Good Feeling Power®.

It’s still the heart of our product line today.

Good Feeling Power® is the pure form of the exclusive GFP-Komplex® and the basis for the resounding success of our special GFP skin- and haircare products.

Our experts have developed the GFP products over the course of many years in our in-house GFP research departments.

Family business: The founders Andrea and Pascal Lexut (left and right) with their 2 oldest daughters Anne and Antonia Lexut (from left to right in the middle)

Since 2008, we’ve been providing wellness and beauty a new meaning

Behind the closed doors of our research department, we combine global expertise and exclusive ingredients to create revolutionary products that are as special, mysterious, and unique as you are!

For us, responsibility is more than just a word!

As a family company, we celebrate nature.

The infinite power of majestic mountains and the indescribable clarity of crystal-clear water in untouched nature are only part of the inspiration included in our products.

It is our heartfelt commitment to protect Mother Nature and to return what she gives us.

With Good Feeling Products, you’re giving yourself, and the environment great added value.


When the company was founded, the founders asked themselves:

„Is there anything more we can do than what the already-saturated market already offers? The answer to this was an obvious no. But it can be BETTER, DIFFERENT, SIMPLER.”

That is now more than a decade ago! And since then, Good Feeling Products has become an established company that doesn’t need lots of words to sell its products. With our science and research department and exclusive expertise, we are one of the most respected experts in the field of specialist research at an international level.

Good Feeling Products is for intelligent customers for whom the best is just good enough.

Become part of the Good Feeling Community and experience the timeless values, unlimited beauty and a new way of living we stand for!